About Us

We are a full-service coupon and flyer production company. We offer a range of services to the clients who wish to increase their customer base by offering a limited-time discount or service to attract new customers. Additionally, clients with different needs are equally catered to by placement of advertisements within our books to attract the customer who is merely browsing the catalog. An example of such might be an ad for a regulary scheduled "Happy Hour" or similar occasion.

Design: We design the product to the customers' specifications and can supply either stand-alone advertisements or standard sized coupons for inclusion in our larger multiple client flyers. The customer may supply his or her own complete camera ready artwork or merely the existing company logo for inclusion in our design. Whichever way you choose, we make it simple for you.

Printing: Printing by the finest agencies within the Bay Area, our large fold out flyers are printed in bold colors on heavyweight glossy stock, capable of being retained for an extended period and referred to on multiple occasions.

Delivery: Our books and flyers are hand-delivered door-to-door in multiple areas throughout the Tampa Bay region on a regular schedule allowing the customer multiple and specifically targeted advertising opportunities throughout the year. Our courriers are supervised on a daily basis, either visually or by phone.